On the road in Tanzania

The Rough Road to Matipwili Part 2

Mason Huffine is Little Sun’s laugh-a-minute business and sales manager for Africa and, a few weeks ago, returned to Berlin from another solar light-bringing adventure in Tanzania, a country close to his heart after living there for four years. 

This post is Part Two of his stories and pictures from the road, working with Little Sun’s Tanzanian distributor Strategic Energy, who recently received financial investment from a SunFunder loan. Their work in Tanzania is particularly crucial, with over 80% of the population unable to access electricity. After food, toxic fuel-based lighting expenses rank the second highest in the average Tanzanian household budget. 

Mason hopes his work with Little Sun is changing that.



Someone had already been in the area selling cheap imitation solar products so naturally people had become very wary of new products.  The German flag on the Little Sun packaging was a big help in gaining trust from the villagers that what we were selling was a quality, German-engineered and designed product.

Every person I spoke with there was more than ready to buy a system that actually works. And that, of course, is where Little Sun comes in.

Got to run but things are definitely looking promising in Tanzania!