Hello Haiti

Haiti is a country still very much in recovery-mode from its recent natural disasters and their after-effects. One of these most heartbreaking after-effects is the abandonment and orphaning of so many Haitian children. Thanks to the generosity of a lovely private donor, the children of HELO, an orphanage in Haiti, recently had some very big smiles brought to their faces by receiving 110 Little Sun lamps.

Helo, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation that operates an orphanage in a rural village outside Les Cayes, Haiti. HELO provides a home, education, love and opportunity to 57 orphaned and abandoned children.

Electricity is sporadic in the village and there generally is no power at night.  The lamps help children do homework, light the way to showers and bathrooms, light their bedrooms and hallways and even light the village church at night during power cuts! The children each received a lamp and they love them.

Here’s what the kids said about their Little Suns:


“Mesi anpil pou lamp mwen, sa ede’m anpil fe devwa mwen.”  

(Thank you so much for my lamp, it helps me do my homework).


“Mwen renmen lamp sa-a anpil!”

(I love this lamp so much!)


“Mesi pou lamp mwen, mwen ka ale twalet la san tombe.”  

(Thank you for my lamp, I can go to the bathroom without falling.)

Thank you for all your wonderful work, HELO, and for making it possible for the kids to receive their gifts of light!

Please visit here if you are interested in finding out more how you can help the children of Haiti.

Photo credits: Elisabeth and Sara Kennedy.