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Please note that this program is only available for students at German universities or young people who completed a professional training in Germany.

Application deadline: January 20, 2022
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The ASA program supports young people who want to recognize and change global interrelationships. At ASApreneurs, projects take place in cooperation with companies or business-related organizations. The participants deal with responsible entrepreneurial action and explore ways to integrate social-ecological sustainability into economic processes. They are active in the project for a total of six months, initially for three months online or in presence in Germany, then for the same length of time online or in presence at a partner institution in a country in Africa, Asia, Latin America or Southeastern Europe.

  • Program duration: 6 months
  • Career direction: Communication and media; Mechatronics, energy and electrical engineering; Natural sciences and environmental protection; Distribution, trade and sales
  • Field of study: Social sciences; Engineering and technology; Cultural and media studies; Business studies
  • Specification occupational/study direction: Business Administration; International Relations; Marketing; Public Relations; Development Studies
  • Compulsory language(s): English
  • Other language(s): Amharic, French
  • Country/Region: Ethiopia | Africa

Project description
Are you enthusiastic about the topic of energy supply? This project is about distributing efficient and affordable solar lamps that bring light and solar power to areas without access to electricity. To get involved in this program, you should have a background in business administration or project management. Experience in sales and marketing as well as regional knowledge of the Sub-Saharan Africa region are additional requirements. Further experience in working with people in humanitarian emergencies and in administrative applications for projects completes your profile.

As the project may be implemented purely digitally depending on the development of the global corona situation and the current security situation in Ethiopia, you should be able to conduct, e.g. video conferences and online workshops with common applications or carry out your activities with interactive digital tools.

Little Sun GmbH is a social enterprise and was founded by people from the fields of art and engineering. All aspects of global sales are managed from Berlin, from product development to communication and sales. Since 2012, the social enterprise has been selling solar lamps in several African countries. Little Sun also creates jobs in partner countries by training local tradespeople in the solar industry and helping them start businesses.

Since 2015, Little Sun has partnered with Solar Development PLC, the leading provider of solar energy systems in Ethiopia. The affordable solar lamps are designed to improve the lives of people in regions without access to the electricity grid. They are sold worldwide, including in twelve African countries. In addition to solar lamps, the company, based in the capital Addis Ababa, also offers energy-efficient supply systems and street lights for entire villages.

In your first project phase in Berlin, you will support the Little Sun team in market exploration, development of sales strategies and identification of potential partner institutions in South and Sub-Saharan Africa. With a focus on Ethiopia, you will conduct market research and develop communication materials for potential partnerships regarding the social enterprise’s full range of products. You will also be able to contribute to the education and health programs, as well as pilot projects for the productive use of renewable energy.

Together with the Solar Development PLC team, you will promote the sales and distribution of solar lamps in Ethiopia during your second project phase in Addis Ababa. In doing so, you will gain insight into Solar Development PLC’s activities and support collaborations with different types of companies such as key accounts, churches, non-governmental organizations, small businesses and innovative business programs. You will participate in social projects for different target groups and further research on the productive use of renewable energy. You will also assist in the application process for additional projects in Ethiopia and maintain existing partnerships.

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