A Very Good Reason to Smile

Many people who travel to India experience something profound and eye-opening which leaves them forever changed.  For Patrizia De Chiara (pictured below), a freelance communications consultant based in Amsterdam, her profound experience came from her time working with the underprivileged and homeless children of Buddha’s Smile School in Varanasi.   Three years ago, during a “In the […]

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“Little Changes”, Big Impact

Back in October, CPH:DOX and Little Sun launched the video competition, Little Changes, inviting people from all over the world to produce creative videos with a fresh, new perspective on how we consume the earth’s precious resources. The competition was launched prior to the COP21 climate change conference in Paris in early December, where world […]

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When Night Falls in Burkina Faso

(This piece originally appeared in German as ‘Little Sun – Studying without kerosene’ in Christoph Schlingensief’s Operndorf Afrika.) Thanks to Adelheid and Thomas Astfalk from Stuttgart and Operndorf Afrika, we have this story to share with you from rural Burkina Faso. Days in Burkina Faso are bright and sunny nearly all year long. But when […]

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Little Sun’s Little Learners

Creating, exploring and even running laps, all in the name of solar! Little Sun’s Projects Manager Jai Mackenzie fills us in on the latest from her Education Programme, this time partnering with Berlin Bilingual School – getting young students to ask the big questions like ‘what is solar energy?’, ‘why do we need light?’ and ‘what’s inside a […]

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