Little SunYear in Pictures 2016 Page 2


More little learners got inspired by the power of the sun at the Solar School Program in Rwanda. Photo: UNESCO

Blick Bassy performed his beautiful music all over the world, accompanied on stage by Little Suns. Photo: Blick Bassy


Little Sun came to Seoul again in conjunction with Olafur’s exhibition at the LEEUM Museum. Photo: Anna Engberg

Little Sun lamps were awarded to the winners of the Global Goals World Cup in New York and Copenhagen, promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). GGWCUP is powered by Eir soccer and UNDP, in cooperation with, Social Good Summit, Save the Children Denmark and The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Photos: Global Goals World Cup

We ended the summer feeling charged-up at Lollapalooza and at IFA with our solar tree charging stations – a hit for all the phone-addicted festival goers! Photo: Little Sun

#LightUpYourAfrica and the Karibujua project brought Little Suns to rural Kenyans. Photo: Karibujua


Afrobeats sensation, Mr Eazi, embarked on a mission to bring 10,000 Little Suns to Boko Haram ravaged Nigeria. Photo: Mr Eazi and his team

Felix pitched Little Sun at the Start-Up Showcase Finals at SXSW Eco in Texas this month as well as hosting a rather unique lunch about ‚Eating the Sun’. Meanwhile, community health workers in Tanzania were trained to use Little Sun Charge to help them ‚sun-power’ their crucial healthcare in off-grid areas and our lovely intern Sabine represented Little Sun at Tanzania’s National Youth Week along with youth and feminist organisation, Femina Hip. Photo: Femina Hip

More fun with the sun at the Viva Con Agua organized Widerkunst Festival, Holzmarkt: Berliners celebrated the spin-off from famous Millerntor Gallery in Hamburg with Sunlight Graffiti. Photo: Little Sun

Nafi presented Little Sun to Mr. Dionne, the Prime Minister of Senegal, and Mr. Baldé, the Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development. Photo: Little Sun Senegal


One of the highlights of Little Sun’s year was the moment at COP22 in Marrakesh when a room full of UN delegates and environmental policy-makers held Little Sun lamps for the world to see: COP21 president Ségolène Royal distributed Little Sun lamps as a symbol of hope for taking climate action, allowing the financing of the first step of the Kids Solar Alliance in cooperation with Artists4Climate. Also on a world scale was AidEx2016 in Brussels – showcasing our humanitarian aid and disaster relief work to leading aid and development organisations. Photo: IISDENB Kiara Worth

More safe, sustainable light is brought to the classroom, this time to schoolgirls in Afar, Ethiopia, thanks to the PAGES project, Save the Children and DFID. Photo: Save the Children


Artists4Climate and Little Sun launched the Kids Solar Alliance: empowering children to make a brighter future. The first solar education workshops took place in Clichy-Montfermeil, France and will soon be followed by one nearby Errachidia Morocco – connecting kids worldwide!Photos: Martin Argyroglo

Being the month of gifts and giving, Little Sun partnered with Santa Shoebox South Africa to bring the gift of solar light to kids living off-grid in South Africa and Namibia. Ethiopia is also receiving a whole lot of solar light in December too: an exciting container of 28,000 lamps is due to arrive thanks to our new importer Solar Development Plc. Happy holidays from all of us at Little Sun! Photo: Little Sun South Africa


Keep shining and see you on the other side in 2017!