Little Sun at COP18

Little Sun Garden at COP18/CMP8

Hundreds of Little Suns lit up COP18/CMP8’s interactive art exhibition from 23–24 November 2012. As the UN Climate Change Conference’s contribution to the Doha Film Institute’s Family Day at Qatar, a ‘Little Sun Garden’ (a mirrored corridor illuminated by Little Suns) delighted visitors while imparting lessons about climate change. Children visiting the ‘Little Sun Garden’ were met by COP18/CMP8 volunteers and staff members who quizzed them on their green living knowledge. The children were also given markers to write their pledges for reducing their carbon footprint on the mirrored walls. The Doha Film Institute’s Family Day at Qatar is an annual celebration that draws thousands of Qatari and visiting families for culture events and activities.

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Blackout at QMA Gallery in Qatar

QMA Gallery in Qatar hosted a special Little Sun 24-Hour Blackout event at Yan Pei-Ming’s Painting the History exhibition from 29 November–30 November 2012. Inspired by Olafur Eliasson’s popular Tate Blackouts series at Tate Modern in London, the gallery lights were turned completely off, allowing visitors to use the light of their Little Sun lamps to explore the exhibition in a fun and unforgettable way. The Little Sun 24-Hour Blackout also functioned as an interactive, educational space where visitors could learn about solar power, the global energy challenge, and the importance of light in people’s lives.