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Visit Diana Ejaita’s studio, the artist behind #ReachForTheSun.

“Engaging with art can make the world felt.  And this felt feeling spurs thinking, connection and even action.”

— Olafur Eliasson, artist and founder of Little Sun

Art and culture hold great potential to move us. A painting can bring us joy, a song can lift us up, a film can connect us to new characters and stories. An encounter with a work of art is a deeply human experience, both personal and universal.

We see artists constantly searching for new and unconventional paradigms, challenging old belief systems. Artists give voice to untold stories, encouraging us to identify with one another. They can broaden the idea of what constitutes we, motivating us to question what is possible.  

We believe that in order to create a world that thrives, we must urgently shift our perspective and turn conversations often centred around fear and data, into conversations that center on feeling and hope for all.

That’s why we’re investing in new culture programs, engaging artists and creative voices to craft new narratives that guide humanity to a better future.   We want to change the narrative about renewable energy and climate action, to create new spaces that inspire and ignite the imagination.

Our culture programs encourage us all to feel what it is to be human. To dream big and move together to create the world we want.

 Reach for the Sun: Ten Steps to Creating a Solar Powered World

“Let’s reach for the sun, and take the power of the future into our own hands. Bringing solar energy to everyone is simple: it starts with you.”
— Olafur Eliasson

We are grasping for solutions to the causes and consequences of the climate crisis. And yet a solution is visible to us all the time, every day. We see it every time we look out of the window in the morning, when we go to a beach, or take a walk. Introducing, the sun.

Reach for the Sun is a new campaign produced by Little Sun, illustrated by Diana Ejaita and supported by the IKEA Foundation; designed to inspire, inform and activate those concerned by climate change from artists to organisations and activists alike.