Little SunHealth

75% of Africa’s population burns harmful fuels such as firewood, charcoal, and kerosene for cooking, light, and heat. This causes 600,000 premature deaths from indoor smoke. And results in millions of fires, burns, and accidents every year.  

What’s more, fewer than half of those living on the African continent have access to modern healthcare facilities. Without electricity, medicines spoil and diagnostic devices are not available. Doctors are often forced to operate or deliver babies in darkness.  

Community Health

Solar provides safe, renewable electricity – which is healthier, cheaper, and more reliable. That’s why Little Sun partners with ministries of health and organizations such as SHOFCO, Partners in Health, D-Tree, and BRAC to make solar powered mobile phone chargers available to health workers. Our Little Sun Chargers have become well appreciated tools in countries across Sub-Saharan Africa, essential for emergency communication.

Solar Clinics

Little Sun, with the Ethiopian Ministry of Health and our local partner, Solar Development, is bringing integrated solar systems to health facilities in remote parts of Ethiopia. Solar systems are used for lighting, cold storage, and powering medical devices and lab services allowing doctors to work after dark and avoiding dangerous situations in which doctors operate in total darkness. Solar energy can mean the difference between life and death.