Humanitarian Work

There are more than 85 million displaced people on earth today – more than at any time in history. Every minute, 20 people are driven from their homes. Whether this is due to a violent conflict or the climate crisis, refugees and other people forced from their homes are often living in camps without access to light and energy.

Little Sun has worked with major relief organizations, such as UNHCR, IOM, Oxfam, and Save the Children among others to deliver solar lamps and phone chargers to refugees and internally displaced people. Our solar products have been distributed to refugees, other displaced people, and the communities that host them in Ethiopia, Greece, Nepal, Niger, Rwanda, South Sudan, and Ukraine among others.

Access to a personal, portable light helps in a number of ways:

  • It enhances children’s education by providing them with more study hours after dark;
  • It reduces air pollution from kerosene lamps and open fires, and improves the health of refugees;
  • It saves households the money they would have spent on energy, which they can spend elsewhere;
  • It prevents encounters with wild animals;
  • It reduces violence, especially against women and children by increasing safety at night; 
  • It makes camps safer at night and reduces fear among community members. 

“We use the Little Sun lamp after the sun goes down but also during the day as our house is very dark. It’s almost a constant companion to me and my family; we only wished we had more of them as it is often hard to share it equally in a family of 6.”

Izdoli Jean, Nduta refugee camp

From March to June 2022, we responded to the war in Ukraine by donating lamps and phone chargers to areas that were cut off from electricity. We activated our donor base to mobilize financial resources for organizations working on the relief effort.


If you work in a humanitarian organization or agency and are seeking Little Sun solar lights and chargers, please visit this page to get more details about technical and logistical information. You can also write us an email.