Andersen’s Little Sun Kiosk in Copenhagen

From 10 May–22 June 2013, a temporary exhibition shop was created by Little Sun and Andersen’s Contemporary in Copenhagen. The shop sold Little Sun solar lamps, and also available for purchase was a special Little Sun t-shirt designed by hip Danish clothing retailer Wood Wood.

The launch of Andersen’s Little Sun Kiosk coincided with the opening of the first Little Sun sales location in Senegal, and Little Sun sales in Copenhagen subsidised this Senegalese distribution. For each lamp bought by a Kiosk customer in Copenhagen, one lamp was made available in Senegal at a locally affordable price.

In addition to selling Little Sun lamps and t-shirts, Andersen’s Little Sun Kiosk hosted a number of events featuring live music throughout the shop’s run. Andersen’s Little Sun Kiosk also had daily showings of the Little Sun Films series.