Little Sun in Roskilde Festival

Through our Danish partners Lys i Afrika (Light in Africa), Little Sun solar lamps were on sale at Denmark’s famous Roskilde Festival (29 June–7 July 2013), a massive weeklong music and culture event that is one of the biggest festivals in Europe. Little Suns were sold from mobile sales outlets on the campsite as well as in merchandise shops. The Little Sun lamp was a practical tool for festivalgoers when walking around the camping areas at night or hanging out in their camps.

And in 2013, when festivalgoers lit up their tents with Little Suns, they were helping deliver light to families in Uganda by supporting Lys i Afrika, a project by Energi Nord. Lys i Afrika sends Little Suns to Uganda where they are replacing hazardous, unhealthy, and expensive fuel-based lighting like kerosene lanterns.


– The National

The solar lamps are really making a difference in the lives of Ugandan families. Little Sun allows them to extend their daily activities into the night without using unsafe and toxic kerosene lanterns, a common off-grid light source. Children can study, families can cook together, businesses can remain open, and people can socialise.

‘The Lys i Afrika project is a perfect match for Roskilde Festival’s non-profit values, because it is sustainable and helps poor families in the world at the same time. It combines the Roskilde life with supporting family life in Uganda – and that is such a lovely thought,’ explained Roskilde Festival spokeswoman Christina Bilde.

Additionally a special Little Sun darkroom was available to festivalgoers who wanted to leave their mark in a fun and unique way – by making their own Sunlight Graffiti images.