Olafur Eliasson’s McDermott Award Residency at MIT

In March 2014 artist and Little Sun founder Olafur Eliasson kicked off his exciting 2014 Eugene McDermott Award residency at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). For the next three days, Eliasson collaborated with MIT students on the Little Sun lamp and project — as well as conducted a series of labs and public lectures. Also on view was an installation of over 100 Little Suns at the MIT Museum.

The three-day residency concluded a stimulating longer-term collaboration between Eliasson, MIT students and faculty, and Little Sun. In 2013, MIT students participated in the Little Sun challenge at #HackingArts’ Hackathon, where they came up with creative solutions to expand the reach of the Little Sun project. The winner, the Little Sun Community team, developed an idea for an online platform where on-grid and off-grid Little Sun sales teams can communicate, introducing friendly competition in the form of games and sales incentives.

Little Sun also engaged with students at Energy Night, an annual student-run event at MIT featuring over 70 presentations. Little Sun founder and engineer Frederik Ottesen was in attendence meeting with students, and had been mentoring two teams from the #HackingArts Hackathon.

All activities related to Eliasson’s MIT residency have been documented in a great new film by Arts at MIT.

More information can be found here.