“Little Sun Blackouts” at Louisiana Museum

Every Saturday in December of 2014, Denmark’s Louisiana Museum of Modern Art invited children and their parents to experience a Little Sun Blackout – where they got to explore Olafur Eliasson’s ‘Riverbed’ exhibition in complete darkness, with only the light of their Little Sun solar lamps to guide them!

Says Louise Hauerberg, Head of Boernehuset (Louisiana’s children’s department):


“The atmosphere was amazing throughout the Blackout. When the lights are out, it’s like being under the surface of the ocean with the little lamp lights popping up all around you – truly magical! The darkness sharpens your senses and you can really go explore. In that way, the Little Sun lamp is like a magnifying glass, allowing the kids to examine everything up close.”


The Little Sun Blackouts at Louisiana Museum were the latest edition of the popular blackout event, which first launched at Tate Modern in London in summer 2012.