In Conversation with ‘Smiling Through Light’ Founder Mariama Kamara

As part of our ‘Little Sun: In Conversation’ series, we are happy to sit down with ‘Smiling Through Light’ Founder Mariama Kamara. Raised in Sierra Leone until the age of nine, then moving to London after civil war broke out in her native country, Mariama has a unique perspective on what it means to have clean, reliable light sources.

As a girl in Sierra Leone, she studied by the light of kerosene lanterns, which emit toxic smoke and can cause health problems. Revisiting the region as an adult, she noticed that kerosene lanterns were still being used and wanted to help change that. As a way of giving back to her community, Mariama is working with women and girls to spread Little Sun solar light in Sierra Leone. We are grateful to be working with her.

Little Sun: In Conversation with Smiling Through Light Founder Mariama Kamara from Little Sun on Vimeo.