Little Sun finds its way to Malawi

24-year-old Tilla D Katenga is passionate about making a positive difference in our world. Recently, he took it upon himself to bring Little Sun lamps to his home village in Malawi and he shared his story with us.  

I’m a 24-year-old Namibian born student and banker with Malawian and South African roots. I read the November 2014 edition of the FNB Siyasiza magazine. This installment was all about making the world a better place through Eco Innovations. I came across the Little Sun article, and was captivated by it immediately. I was like “wow, what a great invention, I wish could make the world a better place”. Luckily it had Little Sun’s contact email address. The first thing I did when I got home was contact them. It all took off from there.

People really love the idea of solar energy because companies like Little Sun make it accessible and affordable for the masses.

People use the Little Sun lamps for various activities. At my village (Chifira) in Malawi, electricity distribution in very scarce and not everyone can afford it. People mainly use Little Sun lamps for cooking and dining (as seen in the photos). Students use the lights for reading at night and the villagers also use it to light a path as they walk from one place to another during the night. Pedal cyclists also use the light when on the road during the evening as the street lights do not work and some areas do not have any at all.

My grandmother Mrs. S Katenga really loved it when I arrived in Malawi and surprised her with the Little Sun lamp. She said: “Thank you my boy, now I don’t have to struggle with torches which use batteries.”

t has been well received by people here in Namibia as well, especially for people living in areas where there is little distribution of electricity.

A valued customer of mine (Ms. Albertina) said: “I love the light very much, now I use this light to cook and read at night.”

Another valued customer (Mrs. Selma) said: “The light is very good, I use it to light the room and for my children to read their books at night.”

I just want to thank the Little Sun team for saving the world with this source of renewable energy and bringing light to people who really need it, and also for encouraging young people such as myself to become entrepreneurs who make a difference in the lives of many people.


Kind regards,