So much sun in Scandinavia

Little Sun has been shining bright in Scandinavia and Iceland since its inception – thanks to our passionate Little Sun following up north, our amazing retailers and of course the Danish-Icelandic heritage of our founder Olafur.

Over the years, we’ve created Blackouts at one of the world’s most interesting art museums, Louisiana (Denmark), we’ve opened pop-up shops just in time for the midnight sun in Iceland, we made a Little Sun bar at Roskilde, we’ve been taken on Nordic hikes through the Swedish and Norwegian mountains by so many Little Sun fans and we’ve even gotten an entire opera theatre in Denmark to make a synchronised Little Sun dance – just to name a few of our Scandinavian adventures.

As part of the Year of Light celebrations in 2015, and running with the theme of Little Sun in Scandinavia, Little Sun took part in the 16th edition of the Lights in Alingsås workshop in Sweden in September and simultaneously appeared at both the  Elvelangs-i-fakkellys Fesitval and the Oslo LUX Symposium, both in Norway. The festivals took place at the onset of the Scandinavian Autumn – an apt way to stave off the onset of the long, cold winter with a burst of light and colour!

Over the years, there have been almost 1000 students and 90 workshop heads coming to Alingsås, Sweden, from all over the world for the Lights in Alingsåfestival. Little Sun’s Project Manager Jai ran a workshop for the lighting design students at the event, on creativity and sustainability and how the work of Little Sun ties these two together. Little Suns were sold throughout the 5-week event in the information center at Alingsås

The beautiful Elvelangs-i-fakkellys Festival is celebrated each year by the Aker River, Oslo, at the Autumn Equinox. The first event was in the year 2000, to mark the 1000th anniversary of Oslo. Electric light is replaced by torchlight, with 4000 torches bathing the banks of the river in firelight. The public are invited on an evocative walk along the riverbank, experiencing cultural performances along the way involving light, dance and song. The performances were inspired by the cycle of nature from light to darkness and makes creative use of the river and the surrounding forests. Little Suns were part of the installation, showing their relationship with nature by being installed in the trees by the riverbank and sparkling beautifully from them as the sun went down.

The Oslo LUX Symposium highlights the intersection of light, space, and technology and was part of the International Year of Light celebrations, 2015. It was the third such event and this time Little Sun was involved with a talk from Andrea our Sales Manager. The event features a range of national and international artists, designers, architects from around the world who present the latest trends and discoveries in light technology. It is foremost an artistic event promoting and presenting the most innovative uses of light and projection to create art.

Little Sun was later featured at the sister event, Wellington LUX, in a light installation to inspire audiences with the multi-faceted beauty of solar.