Singing and dancing for Little Sun in rural South Africa

This week we have a very special post for you: five videos from the children of Mophela Primary School in Hammarsdale, a rural part in the South African province KwaZulu-Natal, who were recently given Little Sun lamps – and have created these incredibly sunny Little Sun songs and dances! 

By way of background: The Bright Night Project in Johannesburg donated 140 Little Suns to the children of Mophela Primary School, situated in an area where many people live off-grid or with an unreliable electricity supply.

A very special day was organised for the kids in Hammarsdale, including training on the use and advantages of solar power, the handover of the all lights, games, a big cake and plenty of dancing. The kids had a blast and were so happy to receive a gift just for themselves. As one of the teachers said, “such things never happen around here, we are so happy.”

Now these kids have a light when they walk home in the dark and a safe and clean light at night to do their homework!

A huge thank you for everyone involved in making this donation possible, getting safe and clean lighting to school children in rural South Africa. Thank you @TheBrightNightProject as well as @SolarPowerForLife for the donation.

A big thank you to our friend and Little Sun supporter @Casey Powell for organising the event as well as @NozzyZunguManzini for teaching the children about solar energy and @petra.tovrloza for taking these wonderful images.

Little Sun would also like to especially thank Susanne Ewenstein for facilitating all of this and ultimately making it happen! Thanks for sharing the solar love!