Emergency Relief Solar Lights for Nepal

In the aftermath of the two major earthquakes and the many other small earthquakes that devastated parts of Nepal as well compromising its electrical grid and infrastructure in 2015, countless Nepalese were forced to live under tarps and makeshift housing. Many continue to live in this way and will be living this way for a long time, no matter the weather.


Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign run by the US-non-profit mgraystudio on Indiegogo, 400 Little Sun solar lamps were donated directly to the Upaya Zen Center’s Earthquake Relief Fund as an immediate relief response to the 2015 earthquakes.

Upaya’s Nomads Clinic program, founded by Roshi Joan Halifax, abbot of Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, has been bringing medical care to people who have little other care available in the Himalayan region since 1980.

Little Sun’s small portable solar rechargeable lights were first brought to the region in 2013 by Dr. Charles McDonald, a pulmonary specialist who was on the Nomads Clinic medical expedition that year. He took 200 Little Sun solar lights with him to give away. The response was amazing. Most of the villagers have respiratory problems from a lifetime of cooking, heating, and lighting by burning wood and other fuels indoors – the Little Sun lamps provide a direct solution.

The solar lights delivered on their missions have not only contributed to better respiratory health but continue to greatly enhance the working conditions and capabilities of the healthcare workers, year after year.

Little Sun has brought much needed relief to people who were suffering greatly.