“Sun + Energy + Art”: our Little Learners Exhibition

Sun, energy and art – what more do you need in life?!

Coming up in February, in cooperation with the Kinder Künste Zentrum, Little Sun will run a very special exhibition called Sonne + Energie + Kunst (Sun + Energy + Art), showing work created by the students of the Kinder Künste Zentrum in response to the artistic learning program we have been developing, with the help of four Berlin-based artists.

Opening on 11.02.2016 until 27.05.2016, you can arrange to go along and experience the show by contacting the Kinder Kunst Zentrum directly at: www.kinder-kuenste-zentrum.de/

Or for more on our 12-week artistic play program with Berlin Kids International, click here.

And don’t forget, our full Little Learners education program is available for download here.