“Little Changes”, Big Impact

Back in October, CPH:DOX and Little Sun launched the video competition, Little Changes, inviting people from all over the world to produce creative videos with a fresh, new perspective on how we consume the earth’s precious resources.

The competition was launched prior to the COP21 climate change conference in Paris in early December, where world leaders gathered to negotiate a global agreement on the reduction of climate change. Acknowledging climate change as one of today’s most important challenges, CPH:DOX and Little Sun initiated the competition to spark a different dialogue around climate change: a dialogue involving the wider community communicating with visual language.


To participate in the competition, established and aspiring filmmakers shot and edited  their videos and then uploaded their completed work to www.everydayproject.dk. The filmmakers were faced with one creative constraint: the videos had to be wordless. The reasoning behind this was that one of the aims of Little Changes was to see videos created that didn’t just tell their audience, but showed them how to create those little changes which have the potential to help us build a better world.

The Winner: Maja Bugge

Filmmakers from all over the world including Italy, Greece, USA, and Taiwan, took up the challenge and submitted videos to the competition. However, the overall winner of the Little Changes competition came from the home country of CPH:DOX, Denmark. Maja Bugge submitted a dystopian yet playful and thought-provoking video on our relationship with the earth and its resources.

Along with the honour of winning, Maja Bugge also wins one Little Sun Lamp and one Little Sun Charge, both signed by Olafur Eliasson, along with two festival passes for CPH:DOX 2017

Many Excellent Videos

Maja Bugge, however, is not the only winner. Little Sun and CPH:DOX also decided to award nine other submissions besides Maja’s, each of which will also receive a Little Sun Lamp signed by Olafur Eliasson. The nine winners of the signed Little Sun are:

● Elisabeth Søs Poulsen: Dans med genbrugsvand 

● Nikolaj Rasmussen: A Little Consumer Changes 

● Müge Yildiz: Sipulos 

● Yi Jen Chen: Collection 

● Marco Martini: Origami Joyful Energy

● Veronika Snædel: TrashArt by Lucas Garrison

● Myles Thompson: En fjer i græsset 

● Jessica Mardon: Conscious Consumption-o-meter 

● Cecilie Sylvest Carlsen: Henias Altan

It has been a pleasure to see the creativity and diversity in the submissions, and how the participants each handled the creative constraint of keeping their videos wordless. Thank you to all the filmmakers who participated! Let’s make Little Changes.


This post originally appeared on the Little Changes blog, here.