solaTaa ltd

Our Kenyan distributors solaTaa install sustainable clean energy solutions for communities across Africa while also providing education and financial support. solaTaa seeks to empower marginalised populations by making affordable, efficient, and reliable energy solutions easily accessible. In Africa their network of ‘Light Advocates’ is facilitating a movement that inspires people to switch from kerosene lanterns to solar lighting systems. solaTaa Vice President Deepali Gohil explains:


“We are creating new livelihood opportunities by forming networks of micro-entrepreneurs at the village level who are trained in the sale and service of Little Sun lamps. And individual households are saving money by replacing their harmful kerosene lanterns with these solar lamps, as daily kerosene expenses and kerosene-related health costs are eliminated. The lighting solution for the Base of the Pyramid doesn’t end with designing a great lamp – it’s developing a great business model to get lamps to people, helping to empower them. solaTaa seeks to achieve this.”


Additionally solaTaa is working with the Danish organisation MyC4 and their partners KEEF in distributing Little Suns in Kenya through micro-financing loans. This allows people to receive their Little Sun lamps first and pay in a few installments with the money they save by no longer buying unsafe and toxic kerosene.