MicroCred Sénégal provides financial services to the numerous Senegalese companies which are traditionally excluded from the formal financial system. Through its initial credit and savings activities, MicroCred Sénégal intends to improve and transform the lives of its clients and their households.

As part of this mission, MicroCred has started to successfully distribute Little Sun lamps in Senegal through their new network, Baobab+, in 2015. Baobab+ promotes and distributes innovative non-financial products to make energy, education and health products accessible to local populations – among these products are Little Sun lamps! Baobab+ is working to make domestic solar solutions available to enable people to access safe, clean, sustainable light.

Alexandre Coster, Baobab+ founder, explains:


“Access to light is essential for the development of the African continent. Light means education, health, work and sharing. Our goal with Baobab+ is to fight against energy exclusion by providing the Senegalese population with innovative and affordable lighting solutions such as the Little Sun lamps.”


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