Icewatch and COP21 Paris: we can all be part of the climate solution

Throughout November and December 2015, in the lead-up to COP21, the world’s most crucial annual climate change event, this time held in Paris, Little Sun embarked on a campaign to communicate how we can all be part of the climate change solution.

The campaign began with Olafur leading a Little Sun sunrise at the Falling Walls event in Berlin on November 9 to show how a little solar lamp can be a symbol for how powerful even small changes can be in combatting climate change.

Then on November 10, Olafur and Felix spoke at the Copenhagen Dox Documentary Film Festival – also raising awareness for the “Little Changes, Big Impact”  video competition which asked filmmakers from around the world to express how even small, daily solutions to climate change can make a big difference.

We then headed to Paris for a street photography campaign during COP21, asking Parisians and those visiting Paris for COP what their own personal solutions to climate change are. The experience was invaluable – hearing first hand from ordinary citizens what they do on a daily basis to try to make a positive difference to our planet. We broadcast these ‘solutions’ across our social media in the hope of encouraging other people around the world to keep up their good work or to inspire them to make a change and do some good themselves. We are all in this together and we can all be #LittleSolutions!

While in Paris, the Little Sun team also visited a school to speak about how important children’s views on shaping the future of our planet are. We made this rather sweet film to capture all the action.

The pinnacle of all this campaigning was the opportunity to be present during Olafur’s Icewatch installation in the Place du Pantheon. We worked with Artists 4 Climate and the students of the Sorbonne to create a ‘Light is Life’ chain around the melting icebergs and created a film for you to capture the very special atmosphere on that cold day in Paris.


You can take a look at the film in the link below. We hope you enjoy it and we hope it makes you feel as empowered as we felt there being part of the beautiful chain of solar light, raising awareness for how we can all be part of the climate solution.

How does it feel to be a melting iceberg? from Little Sun on Vimeo.