Little Sun’s Film Series

Back in 2012, when Little Sun was just a baby, we created a film series that we’re still very proud of. We’d like to showcase it here on our website once more, for those of you who missed it back then.

Part of Olafur Eliasson: Little Sun at Tate Modern, Little Sun Films is a series of short films created by eighteen young, internationally acclaimed filmmakers from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and South America in response to an invitation from Olafur Eliasson and producer Tine Fischer for film material relating to his Little Sun solar-powered lamp. Shot in a range of formats and styles, the collected film material has been edited into short films by Jacob Thuesen together with Eliasson and Fischer. The films focus on local phenomena, detailed observations, atmospheres, aspirations, feelings, encounters, and social activities; they all relate in broad terms to life, light, and energy access. Enjoy them in full, plus more information on the filmmakers, here!