Little Sun at der Grüne Kiez, Lollapalooza Festival

Charge your phone. #ChargeYourself.

This year, we finished our summer with a bang as an official Grüne Kiez partner at Berlin’s Lollapalooza Festival – 10th & 11th September 2016 in Treptower Park.

(Although, to be perfectly honest, we were the ones providing the space to lounge around and chill out, not the ones making all the noise!)

Thanks so much to all those who came by, had a chat, charged their phone, took part in our colouring-in competition and helped us spread the solar love at the festival with your sunny vibes! We were so happy that it was one of the sunniest weekends of the year and gave us the best possible weather to charge and enjoy. We hope you had a blast too.

We were nestled in a shady corner of der Grüne Kiez (Green Neighbourhood) amongst other eco social businesses, promoting energy access for all. The highlight was our specially designed ‘charging trees’ where our lovely visitors could take some time out and charge their phones with the power of the sun – and charge themselves at the same time.

On the Saturday and Sunday we ran workshops for kids, combining art with sustainability.

Kids enjoyed experiencing the beauty and power of sunlight by making ‘sun catchers’. They had a chance to see for themselves how sunlight interacts with objects and how the effects of sunlight change from season to season, day to day, moment to moment.

Also for kids (or big kids needing a bit of time out from all the music), we ran a colouring competition at the Little Sun booth and the prize was a Little Sun Original.


Background Info on our Workshops for Kids

Little Sun has, from its inception, brought clean light into the lives of children living with and without access to electricity. As a logical extension of the Little Sun project, we have now created Little Sun educator’s kits and programs. Our kits and programs are accessible tools educating people all over the world about the benefits of solar power and sustainable sources of energy.

Our focus is to not only generate knowledge around sustainable energy but to also generate enthusiasm. We aim to do this through our educational style: Socratic, sensory and experiential learning methods. This allows the program to connect on a broad range of levels to a variety of disciplines – from science to art, geography and citizenship. The programs offer a dynamic learning experience for everyone involved, especially as this is not an exclusively ‘top down’ approach to learning, but a co-learning experience between teachers and students.

The ethos of the educational program and the core ethos of Little Sun are aligned. Each creates links between the energy in your hand, energy that lives in your heart and your thinking about accessing that energy.