Solar Powered Light for Refugee Students in Uganda

Little Sun is brightening up the school day in Uganda! Working with Windle Trust Uganda and UNHCR we are donating 300 Little Sun lamps to school students living in the Rwamwanja refugee settlement.

Thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) because the security threat in eastern DRC has been volatile since July 2011. This has caused thousands of refugees to flee the desperate situation, and cross into Uganda, where as of May 2014 the population had reached 53, 361 refugees in the Rwamwanja refugee settlement alone. This number continues to rise, as the security situation in the DRC continues to worsen, due to the conflict between break- away militia, local armed groups and the DRC government forces.

Yet thankfully there is a little light shining in all of this darkness: charitable organisations including UNHCR Uganda and Windle Trust Uganda have set up a host of schools and early childhood development centres in the Rwamwanja refugee camp. The program aims to provide access to education for refugee children of all ages.

300 Little Sun solar lamps are being distributed to students across 3 secondary schools in the Rwamwanja area. This will provide students living without electricity with a safe light to read, revise, and do their homework by at night.

We’re happy to be supporting the work of our dedicated partners in Uganda, and spreading solar light in areas that are confronted with such immense hardship and lack of resources. The primary mission of Windle Trust Uganda is to equip refugees and others affected by conflict in Africa by providing them with access to education, training, and employment opportunities. UNHCR Uganda work tirelessly to support the masses of refugees who seek refuge in Uganda, which has one of the most favourable refugee protection environments in the world. Uganda provides freedom of movement, right to work and also offers land for refugee settlements in line with the Refugee Act of 2006. We’re looking forward to increasing our solar support for refugees and IDP’s in the future.


Little Sun brightens up the school day in Uganda!

Photo credit: UNHCR Uganda