Slowing down fashion at Mads Nørgaard

Mads Nørgaard, a leading fashion store in Copenhagen, is now presenting Little Sun as an ideal gift idea – just in time for Christmas.

On 26 November, the store welcomed fashion and eco-conscious locals to the Copenhagen store to ‘launch’ Little Sun’s presence there, along with Olafur to talk about the project, meet and greet and share a coffee with the guests.

Mads Nørgaard himself is a Danish fashion designer, born in Copenhagen, who believes in slowing down fashion. In his words:

Ultimately fashion is meant to free you, not overrule or control you. What you wear should support you in your ways and beliefs. This is how I see it.


On Black Friday this year, known around the retail world as the day for snapping up big bargains and ultimately, consuming as much as possible, Mads Nørgaard resisted this trend and issued a statement to give his point of view on how fashion should be about enduring designs and lasting quality, not just fast-fashion bargain-hunting.

Our wish is that you will spend a few minutes to consider what you buy and why. It’ll be expensive on multiple accounts if we don’t.


The day after Black Friday there was a ‘day of light’ at the Mads Nørgaard store: the launch of Little Sun Original and Little Sun Charge.

The label has been warmly supportive of Little Sun, even saying that ‘Olafur Eliasson’s Little Sun is undoubtedly one of the most important artworks of our generation.’

They have created a dedicated page on their site featuring a video with the label head and Olafur speaking more on the collaboration.

Take a look here:


Both Little Sun Original and Little Sun Charge can be bought in the shop on Stroget, Copenhagen throughout December and there is even a limited-edition T-shirt now available, designed by Olafur.