Education at Little Sun

Little Sun has, from its inception, brought clean light into the lives of children living with and without access to electricity. The Little Sun education projects are a logical expansion of this, continuing one of the core functions of Little Sun as a fun, accessible tool educating people all over the world about the benefits of solar power and sustainable sources of energy. The ethos of the education projects and the core ethos of Little Sun are aligned; each creates links between the energy in your hand, energy that lives in your heart and your thinking about accessing that energy.


Our free online downloads are intended to compliment hands-on interaction with the Little Sun lamps. The Little Sun education downloads contain clearly explained and well thought out projects that can be directly used or adapted to your individual needs. Each project addresses different themes ranging from the sun, to solar energy and the global impact of solar technology, accessing knowledge from the fields of science, technology, art and citizenship.

Age 3-5

Age 6-9

Age 10-12


Create your own project for your school

While we love that educators can pick up the Little Sun projects and run with them, we also believe that when in your hands Little Sun is a powerful tool for education and change. Hence why we also welcome unexpected and creative outcomes that your school initiates. Recently, we have worked closely with schools to create special projects and fundraisers that bring light and livelihoods to regions of the world without reliable access to electricity.

A few ideas to get you started:
  • Make it felt that actions have consequences for the world and fundraise to bring educators kits and Little Suns to off-grid communities and schools in Africa.
  • Create a Little Sun theatre, dance or music experience expressing the power of the sun and solar energy.

Contact for more information or to receive a special Little Sun educator’s discount when purchasing Little Suns for your school.