Solar Wishes

To end 2016 with a sparkle we collected and shared some magical solar wishes!

Throughout December we gathered the thoughts and aspirations of our friends and supporters from all over the globe. We asked people to answer the question: ‘What is your solar wish to brighten our world?’ For the last days of 2016, we presented all of these Little Sun stars together on social media, because we’re all #ConnectedByTheSun.

It was great to highlight the efforts of some of the people who help Little Sun to shine: from Berlin to Burkina Faso, from IDP camps in Nigeria to Solar Citizens in Sydney, Afrobeats stars to artist activists, NGOs in Kenya to sustainability shops in Seoul… There were so many great contributions that we had to extend the series, we just couldn’t leave anyone out! Thanks for your wonderful effort and support.

Here are just some of the super solar wishes:

My wish is freedom and power to all. Freedom to think and have ideas and power to turn thinking into doing.’ Olafur

My solar wish is that every household in Dolpo, Nepal, has at least one Little Sun.’ Joan Hallifax, Upaya Zen Center’s Nomads Clinic

‘My Solar Wish for 2017 is that Little Suns will protect all refugees in West Africa’ Ibrahim, Little Sun’s Partner in Senegal

I wish to see a world where every kid has access to free education and a happy childhood.’ Daniel, Coffee Print, Denmark

I want to become a great teacher.’ Hassna, schoolgirl in Afar, Ethiopia

I wish people would enjoy slowness. We need to listen closer and act wiser.’ Mads Norgaard, Copenhagen

The end of a year always sparks reflection and sentimentality. We hope that you enjoyed our shared well wishes for the future and that you found something in the series moving and inspiring. Humanity struggled through some patches of darkness in 2016, and sometimes it was challenging to see a guiding light. So for the final wish, we hoped that together we would all move through, refreshed and strong, into 2017.

Shine on!


Solar Wishes- Joan Halifax from Little Sun on Vimeo.

Above is one of ten videos created for the Solar Wishes series. To watch all the videos visit our Vimeo account & see the whole solar wishes series on Instagram