Little Sun’s Little Learners in America

Little Sun brightens the minds of children all over the world, sparking kids’ curiosity in art, sustainability and solar power through the Little Sun Education Programme. Our art and education expert, Jai, has created a wonderful set of activities and tools for teachers to use and take inspiration from.

Kyle Kermick, a design & technology teacher at an American elementary school tells us about his school’s fun and creative Little Sun projects:

‘Lafayette School in Chatham, NJ began using the Little Suns to help introduce the students to solar energy, specifically where solar energy comes from, how humans use it, and how the Little Suns create light from the photons from the sun. The first assignment had pairs of students reverse engineer their Little Sun to learn about the various parts and components.  The second assignment challenged students to design, create, and build a prototype that could help people use or charge the Little Sun.’

It’s very warming to see students and teachers alike engaging with the Little Sun ideas and giving them their own twist!

Little Sun has designed education activities that draw out the special qualities of empathy, intrigue and creativity in children. Our unique series of solar education projects are available to download for free on our education page.