Flashback Friday: Little Sun at Burning Man

We thought it would be perfect to spend this #FlashbackFriday at Burning Man 2017!

This Summer, Little Sun teamed up with Solare Creative‘s very own Angela del Sol. Angela is a Colombian native who is based in New York, but spends a lot of her time traveling to promote the message of climate action and environmental awareness. Angela took Little Suns with her to two spectacular U.S. events, the Oregon Solar Eclipse and Burning Man. Her goal was to explore how humans are #connectedbythesun though art. The focus was to shift the dialogue from what’s going wrong in the world to focusing more on action in the face of negativity; to work towards making this world a better one.”I believe that artists play a pivotal role in that fight and have the power to spread messages in a way that empowers people to solve in fun and attainable ways.” We felt this really aligned with our message.

At Burning Man, Angela, photographer Tyler Goldflower and Braulio Sotomayor, from Goldflower Studio captured some #ConnectedByTheSun portraits with our Little Sun Original. Some of the portraits are featured above.

“We are living in a crucial time for our world. Each one of us is called to step into our power and choose to support future generations with micro-actions every day. The president of the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter has declared war with his own people and the rest of the world. Pulling out of the Paris Agreement Accord deters the movement of climate action, and it is up to each one of us to bring balance and to regenerate our planet!”Angela Del Sol

Photos: Tyler Goldflower