Little Sun Sends More Lamps to Puerto Rico with Kargoe & Angela del Sol

After our success with getting the Little Sun solar lamps from Pathway to Paris donated to Puerto Rico through the Maria Fund, Solare Creative’s Angela del Sol and Kargoe’s Kenneth Willardt brought more Little Sun lamps to the region! It has been three months since the devastating Hurricane Maria ravaged the area, with 80% of the island still living without electricity. We decided to collaborate with Little Sun advocate/Solare Creative‘s Angela del Sol and Kargoe, the world’s first eco-conscious, social media marketplace app for people to shop, sell and donate to charitable causes (all in one app). Angela made sure to catalog the trip, with many notes about her experience.

“During our four days in Puerto Rico we made a point to go to the places that have been forgotten, the mountains. We went to the mountains of Añasco and Utuado and connected with families that are still without electricity. It was a transforming experience to go door by door and listen to individual stories of Puerto Ricans. Although the vegetation has regenerated and the roads are being slowly fixed, the households of these individuals are still – and will be – without electricity for the next 7 months. People in these areas are doing their best to get by, using candles and kerosene lanterns. When we gave them Little Suns, they received them with happiness and gratitude. There’s a growing curiosity on alternative ways to produce electricity in this region as people are beginning to be more aware to the need to reconnect with nature and work with the land. Little Sun was a great introduction to a micro solution in the right direction.”

In a world that seems to be filled with seemingly endless cases of natural disaster, we must all do our part to work on sustainable solutions that create a lasting effect. Although we cannot change the rate of the waves, we can adjust the sails. We can make a difference by understanding that while we are a part of the problem, we are also part of the solution. As Governor of California Jerry Brown stated during the One Planet Summit this week, “We are embedded in the natural world. We must get on the side of nature.”

Little Sun works to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 7, to make affordable and clean energy for all. We can all work towards this goal by posing alternative options for light and energy to discourage usage of kerosene lamps and coal, which are both incredibly dangerous for people and for the environment as a whole. With Little Sun, you can harness the power of the sun with just a click of a button, making the transition to clean energy is rather seamless.

Did you know that for every Little Sun product you purchase, you are not only getting a premium solar product for yourself, but you also make the same product available to someone without access to electricity at a locally affordable price?

Give the gift of clean energy.

Purchase Little Sun today.

Photo credit: Kenneth Willardt, CEO of Karego