Get your own solar panel artwork! The Solar Panel Art Series launches its first auction

Little Sun’s friends form the Berlin-based Solar Panel Art Series just launched their first in a round of three benefit auctions! In partnership with online auction house Paddle8 the auction will run from June 15 to June 29 and the proceeds will support Little Sun Foundation’s Solar School Programm, bringing school children and their teachers living off of the energy grid in Rwanda clean and reliable light and energy.

The auction features 18 works by internationally renowned artists such as Felipe Pantone, Carolina Amaya, Rosh333, Ron Miller and XOOOOX. The 18 artworks feature used solar panels provided by The Solar Panel Art Series, which each artists transformed into unique pieces light.

They will also be exhibited at Tech Open Air Festival in Berlin from 19 – 22 June, so have a look if you’re there!


Henok Getachew’s work, exhibited at Little Sun’s Earth Hour blackout in March, is also part of the auction!


About The Solar Panel Art Series

The Solar Panel Art Series is an international initiative seeking to promote art as a tool for change. In doing so we hope to help foster a more sustainable and conscious global community. By providing used solar panels to artists to transform into artworks, the art series helps raise funds to support Little Sun Foundation’s “Solar Schools Program” to supply clear, safe and sustainable light to school children and their teachers in Rwanda. Through its sales The Solar Panel Art Series has already raised funds to supply +100 children and their teachers with 5 years of clean and reliable light, impacting hundreds more in their communities. The initiative hopes to grow that impact to the thousands. So far more than 80 international artists have contributed to The Solar Panel Art Series.