Shining a light on climate action at Pathway to Paris in San Francisco, September 14th

Little Sun’s team is very happy to share some news with you! Olafur Eliasson and Little Sun will take the stage at Pathway to Paris again, shining a light on climate action in San Francisco on September 14th.

Pathway To Paris: Olafur Eliasson and Little Sun Create a Solar Powered Sunrise from Little Sun on Vimeo.

Pathway to Paris is an initiative in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme and that brings together musicians, artists, activists, climate change experts, academics, politicians and innovators to participate in a series of events, dialogues and leading initiatives to help turn the Paris Agreement into reality.

Set to cap off the Global Climate Action Summit, the concert will focus on the potential for cities to push for, achieve, and go beyond the climate targets highlighted in the Paris Agreement. In 2017, during the concert at New York City’s historic Carnegie Hall, Pathway to Paris announced the launch of the ‘1000 Cities’ initiative. The initiative invites all cities of the world to transition off fossil fuels and move to 100% renewable energy by 2040.


“Cities play a critical role in transforming our world out of the era of fossil fuels and into a renewable world. This is our time to make this shift and transform our cities to become sustainable, resilient cities for us all and future generations. This is our chance as our window of time is narrowing.” – Co-Founder of Pathway to Paris, Rebecca Foon

Last year, artist Olafur Eliasson turned the whole audience into artists by creating an interactive artwork with all 2,800 attendants. He led choreography that motioned the audience to hold up the Little Suns placed under their seats, resulting in a visually striking “solar-powered sunrise.”, raising awareness for Sustainable Development Goal 7, affordable and clean energy.


Credit - Steven Sebring
Credit – Steven Sebring


Following the solar sunrise, all 2,800 lamps have been allocated to be sent to Puerto Rico with the Maria Fund, to bring solar power and light to the communities affected by Hurricane Maria and those who currently still lack electricity. This year, in San Francisco, the lamps used for the performance will be donated to communities living in high-altitude, remote areas of Nepal, who don’t have access to electricity, in collaboration with the Upaya Zen Center and Everest Awakening, founded following the 2015 earthquake, to raise hope, awareness and funds for the region.

All proceeds from this evening will be donated to, Pathway to Paris, and the United Nations Development Programme.



Photo credits: Steven Sebring, Getty Images for UNDP, Joshua Hammond