Special Edition: Little Sun Black Diamond – a solar lamp with double the impact

With Christmas approaching, we are eager to present our brand new Little Sun Black Diamond – a solar lamp with double the impact.

From 1 November to 24 December 2018, a special black edition of our popular Little Sun Diamond will be available in our web shop for 49.90 EUR. The stylish matt black frame is reminiscent of compressed pure carbon, the base of every diamond – making it elegant for the wintertime!

Like the original version, the Black Diamond is feather-light, sturdy, and brings brightness to even the darkest corners. For every Black Diamond sold as part of the Christmas campaign, two solar lamps will go to an area without reliable access to electricity – twice as much joy while sharing the light!

Five hours of charging the small pocket-size solar lamp produce five hours of bright, pleasantly diffused light, providing enlightening moments in the dark winter months. The Black Diamond can be used as a decorative reading light and is the perfect Christmas gift for all who yearn for a little sun!

Don’t miss out!