Youth is demanding climate justice

Little Sun joins Fridays For Future demonstration in Berlin.

Youth worldwide is leaving schools on Fridays to push governments to act against climate change. #FridaysForFuture is a weekly demonstration happening in over 270 locations all over the world, inspired by 15-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg. She’s been protesting for months against climate change and her speech at COP24 has become a fuel for youth to unite and ask for climate justice.

Greta remarked, “I’ve learned that you are never too small to make a difference and if a few children can get headlines all over the world just by not going to school then imagine what we could all do together if we really wanted to“. More than 100,000 students around the world have now joined her.

“We want to stop climate change. We’re here to show that also young people have a voice and should be involved in decisions regarding the future.”

Today, we left our Little Sun office to support the youth in this important mission. We witnessed a few hundred students at the Invalidenplatz in Berlin, speaking up for Climate Justice and raising their voices against the coal compromise, which was introduced by the German coal commission last Saturday. 

“For us, it is simply too late to shut down coal industry in 2038”, says one of the students attending the demonstration.

During the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos student activist Greta urged: “I often hear adults say: ‘We need to give the next generation hope. But I don’t want your hope. I want you to panic. I want you to feel the fear I do. Every day. And want you to act. I want you to behave like our house is on fire. Because it is.”

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Photo Credit: Little Sun, EPA, Little Sun