We are officially climate striking!

Little Sun will march with the students of Fridays for Future on September 20th, demanding climate justice and solar love for all. Will you join?

A year ago, Greta Thunberg launched a movement with thousands of students striking on the streets every Friday, demanding climate action from politicians and society alike. It is time to join them! The FridaysForFuture movement is asking everyone – you, me, us – to walk out of our workplaces and homes to join the young activists in their call for climate action.
The Little Sun team will go on climate strike on September 20th, demanding an end to the age of fossil fuels, a global transition to clean energy and of course, solar love for all of us. We will close our webshop, our office, and our inboxes and we invite you to do the same. Will you be part of the global effort in fighting for a better, climate-friendly future?



What you can do?

  • Leave your home or office on September 20th and join the students on the street
  •  In Berlin: Join our clean energy strike group and walk with us!
  • Not in Berlin? Find a demonstration close to you and join!
  • Announce to your partners and friends you will go on climate strike on September 20th and ask them to join
  • Sign the pledge and join the entrepreneurs for future
  • Go on strike digitally
  • If you can’t join the strike, how about organizing a training about the climate crisis? Have a look at your options here.

A message from Greta Thunberg:

See you on September 20th!