“The eyes of all future generations are upon you” – Little Sun’s team impressions of the climate strike

From remote islands in the Pacific to the streets of New York, some 5,000 climate strikes happened around the globe on the 20th of September. Millions of people participated, young and old, everyone inspired by the youth, and especially by 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, who led the march in New York City, just a few days before the UN climate summit.

And it’s only just the beginning! In her speech, Greta made it very clear that she has no intentions of slowing down. This Friday, even more people are predicted to gather and continue striking for a greener future. A year ago, Fridays for Future started as a sprouting student movement. Now, it involves people despite their age or residency, because the future of our planet matters: to everyone. The demonstrations mobilized individuals, organizations, companies, and policymakers asking for one thing: climate justice! Over 150 countries witnessed strikes last week, urging governments and society as a whole to make a stand and fight for a secure future on our planet for the next generations.

“The eyes of all future generations are upon you” – Greta Thunberg addressing world leaders at the United Nations Climate Action Summit.

Needless to say, the Little Sun team also joined the climate strike in Berlin, demanding an end to the age of fossil fuels, a global transition to clean energy and of course, solar love for all of us! Berlin streets were filled with more than 270,000 people protesting, joining the other 1.4 million people protesting in Germany that day. Mokia, Business Development Manager at Little Sun, shared his personal motivation to strike:

“We need climate justice now because those at the bottom of the economic ladder cannot live without it. They cannot continue to shoulder the burden disproportionately brought upon us by the wealthy. The Global North has run up the bill on our climate, and the South will have to pay a bigger price for it. It’s really not that complicated, it just makes me angry, and that is why I am striking.”


Meanwhile in Ethiopia…

While there were no street demonstrations in Addis Ababa, our colleagues in Addis Ababa, the Solar Development team, turned their office into a mini-demo for a short while to show their commitment to the global fight for climate justice.

Meanwhile in Senegal…

Dakar streets were not quiet on the day of the global climate strike, young and older generations were protesting for a healthy environment, especially highlighting the need to protect the shores and reduce plastic waste. Our partner Fatoumata was participating in the strike too, and sent us some photos of Senegalese demanding climate justice.

A student Abdou Karim Seye shared, “I learned at school that climate change is caused by the people who want to exploit nature to the fullest, but this unhealthy exploitation has consequences in our lives. Let’s fight against plastic waste and participate in reforestation to control the expansion of the desert.”



Abdoulaye Sow, representing Red Cross Rufisque, said, “All of us contribute to pollution and it is up to us to learn from our actions: say no to factories that release toxic waste, no to plastics and let’s mobilize our efforts to develop greener environment with the participation of young people and children.”


Meanwhile in South Africa…

Fossils, leave the way to solar and wind power!


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Here are some other moments from this historical movement around the world: 







New York:




Solomon Islands:


Tel Aviv:


Haven’t seen Greta Thunberg addressing world leaders at the United Nations Climate Action Summit? Get inspired and join the movement NOW!


What you can do to join the movement?

  • Leave your home or office on Fridays and join the students on the street;
  • Announce to your partners and friends you will go on climate strike and ask them to join;
  • Go on strike digitally;
  • If you can’t join the strike, how about organizing a training about the climate crisis? Have a look at your options here.


Photo credits: Little Sun

References:  Deutsche Welle