Olafur and Little Sun featured on Abstract: The Art of Design, Season 2

“It’s about the right to have access to light”

Have you always dreamed of collaborating with Olafur? Head over to Netflix, find season 2 of Abstract: The Art of Design and off you go! The new season features some of Olafur’s most amazing works, gives an inside look into the studio and takes you along on some fantastic expeditions. And of course, Olafur shares his vision for Little Sun – the work of art that works in life – and how it fits into his artistic thinking. If you haven’t watch it yet, click here.


If you are here because you watched it and want to know how you can become part of the Little Sun community – welcome! To say it with Olafur’s words: “You can turn thinking into doing.”

Here is how you can take action:

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And have a look at all the other great designers featured in Abstract, season 2!