Fast Forward: A series of films that shift the climate conversation

Have you ever imagined what it would look like to have tackled climate change, and created a balanced world in which everyone thrives? At Little Sun, we believe that’s where artists come in, to help us imagine a better future and give us the inspiration and hope we need to create it.

As part of our culture program, we commissioned five artists from Ethiopia, Senegal, and the United States—some of the regions in which we operate—to explore what a more sustainable and just future looks like.

After many months of research, conversations, and filming, we are delighted to present you Fast Forward, a series of short films exploring artists’ dreams for a regenerative world. Featuring over 300 global voices, the short films have been made by artists Ezra Wube, Ghost of a Dream, Naod Lemma, Jessica Segall, and Selly Raby Kane.

From rural Ethiopia to dystopian Dakar, Fast Foward will bring you on a journey that turns an often data-driven and technically heavy conversation surrounding the global energy crisis into an open, intimate dialogue. The project intends to reframe the prevailing political rhetoric on climate change presenting a poignant vision for a future grounded in equity and made possible by shared social responsibility.

“If we are to take meaningful action to protect our planet, we need positive, hopeful visions of the world to come. Art can help us conceive of alternative, more-than-human approaches to the climate crisis. Little Sun’s Fast Forward film series offers a vital new space for artists to reimagine the future.”

— Olafur Eliasson, Artist and Founder of Little Sun

Commissioned and produced by Little Sun, the project has been stewarded by an advisory board composed of global leaders in climate and art, including Jaime Yaya Barry, Olafur Eliasson, Marie Hélène Pereira, Bird Runningwater, Seble Samuel, Caroline Saunders, Rakeb Sile, and Adam Vaughan. The series is also available to view on the digital video channel NOWNESS.

 “For too long, the prevailing narrative around climate change has been ‘it’s too late.’ But that is far from the truth, and we need new narratives to inspire action on the scale that is needed. That is where artists come in. By bringing to life what a more sustainable and just future could look like, these artists are writing a new story of possibility that shines a light on a path toward a better future.” 

— Caroline Saunders, Advisory Board member and Chief of Staff at Grist

The five films comprising Fast Forward will also inform an experimental curriculum for students aged 16–18 in Ethiopia, Senegal, and the United States, to be rolled out in September 2021. Watch this space for more information!

Want to screen the films as part of a show or event? We’d be more than happy to help you raise climate change awareness in your community! Simply write us and we’ll get back to you soon.