Little Sun and #TOGETHERBAND Launch Sunglasses for Solar Power

Little Sun has teamed up with #TOGETHERBAND to bring solar powered light to children in Sub-Saharan Africa, where over 600 million people and 65% of schools still live without electricity.

For every pair of yellow sunglasses bought, #TOGETHERBAND will donate a Little Sun solar lamp to young people in Sub-Saharan Africa ​​to help them learn and do their homework; marking the organisation’s focus on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)7: Affordable and Clean Energy. In addition, every purchase will help bring river blindness prevention medication to twenty-five people.

The limited edition sunglasses, available in our online shop, are crafted using recycled plastic sourced from CDs and electrical appliance cases recycled into a polycarbonate. All products that would’ve ended up in landfill, had they not been recycled to create the new range.

Choose from two models and buy here.

We want you to love your sunnies for years, that’s why the classic shapes work on so many faces. If you can’t decide between the models, pick the Alé for square and triangular faces, and the Kai for more rounded faces.

Why is providing access to electricity crucial for kids to thrive?

Children in Rwanda studying with Little Sun Original solar lamps. For every pair of sunglasses bought, #TOGETHERBAND will donate a solar lamp to children in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Children in Rwanda studying with Little Sun Original Lamps

65% of schools in Sub-Saharan Africa lack access to energy. No lights, no computers, no communications. What’s more, hundreds of millions of school children in Africa live in homes without basic electricity. This means they are unable to study at night, are less likely to stay in school, less likely to graduate, and less likely to get jobs that can help pull their families out of poverty. It’s an issue that’s especially true for girls. To tackle this, Little Sun has distributed solar lamps across Sub-Saharan Africa; generating 58 million additional study hours for school children and bringing $150 million in household savings. Learn more about our education programs.

Don’t need an additional pair of sunglasses? Consider donating to Little Sun instead to help create a thriving world powered by the sun.