Here’s to New Beginnings

Little Sun started 10 years ago with the simple idea to create a small, portable solar lamp for people living without electricity in Ethiopia. Since then, one thing has become clear: Our solar products are only the first step on the energy access ladder. And this is because of a simple fact: Today, almost everything we do consumes energy. 

Energy makes it possible for people to build a thriving economy–to increase agricultural production by mechanizing equipment, build health services with refrigeration for medicines, and create modern equipment for lab tests. Energy helps entrepreneurs start and grow businesses. Energy also enables educational institutions and opportunities.

If you’ve been following our story, you know that Little Sun works together with communities living without electricity to test and implement ways to use solar power. We focus our efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa, a place where close to 600 million people live without electricity. 

It would be challenging to come across a more enthusiastic and committed team that cares deeply about Senegal’s development and environment,” commented John after meeting with Joan, Fatoumata, Astou, Marieme, and Samba from our team in Senegal.

Today, Little Sun provides solar energy for water pumping, staple crop processing, cold storage, and food drying–which increases agricultural productivity for smallholder farmers. We provide solar lamps for students and solar power for education. We provide basic solar health systems to off-grid rural health centers so that midwives can safely deliver babies at night and doctors can better treat patients and provide essential vaccines. 

A great partner in accelerating these efforts is John Heller, CEO of Little Sun INC in New York. His positive energy and vision for Little Sun helped expedite our clean energy advancements in Sub-Saharan Africa!

That is why it is with a mix of sadness and gratitude that we’d like to share that John will be transitioning from CEO into Chair of Little Sun’s US board. While we will dearly miss his full-time engagement at Little Sun, we are thankful for all he achieved for the organization and are excited to see what the future holds for him.

At the beginning of 2022, John visited the first multifunctional platform that was designed, locally manufactured, and installed in partnership with the solar company Nadji Bi.

As the Chair of our US board, John will remain very close to our activities. He will continue to reach out to those of you who have so generously provided your support. 

John–thank you for your strategic vision and endless support. We appreciate your many talents and are looking forward to continuing to bring the power of the sun into people’s hands. 

Felix, Frederik & the Little Sun team