Nine-panel solar panel

Little Sun 2022 | A Year in Pictures

For the last decade, we’ve been committed to creating a world powered by the sun and we have you—our generous and loyal community—to thank for our progress. Together with your support, we’ve brought a whopping 2,266,336,765 additional hours of light to households previously living without electricity. Read more about Little Sun’s impact in the 10-year edition of our annual ‘Year in Pictures.’ 

While our team and scope of work has grown over the last ten years, our commitment to our mission is as strong as ever. Delivering access to solar power is at the forefront of our efforts, and getting to know the local communities is at the heart. So while we’ve expanded our work to include larger systems, more complex processes, and new communities—our founding principles remain unchanged.

Please enjoy our 2022 ‘Year in Pictures’ and discover how you can be a part of our next decade of impact. We look forward to partnering with you in 2023 and beyond.

Little Sun Team

**Based on GOGLA, the Standardized Impact
Calculator for the Off-grid Energy Sector. The
calculations are based on the product lifespan.
**Health facilities and schools.
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