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Support immediate relief in Ukraine

We are devastated by the events and stand with the people of Ukraine who are resisting, fleeing, fighting for peace; and also with the people standing for freedom and democracy worldwide, urging an end to this war.

For the time being, all donations made to Little Sun will go towards supplying solar lamps and power banks to people affected by the war in Ukraine.

  • 12€ provide a solar lamp
  • 50€ provide a solar power bank

As part of our longstanding humanitarian aid efforts, we are working with local NGOs to bring solar items – along with vital aid supplies – to areas of the country that have been cut from the electricity grid and are running out of gas and oil. That way, individuals and families can stay connected and have access to essential supplies for immediate relief.

If you would like to get in touch, write us an email:

The sunflower is Ukraine’s national symbol. We hope to bring hope, resilience, and light to people’s hearts with our sunflower-shaped solar lamps.

Please note that our programs supporting refugees, children, health workers, entrepreneurs, and farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa will continue with the same dedication as before.