Little Sun and Earth Hour 2020 – Let’s come together digitally for us and our planet

On Saturday night, the Little Sun team joins people around the world to celebrate Earth Hour by switching off the lights for the environment. Although all physical events have been canceled, we come together digitally to honor our planet and raise awareness for the urgent need of climate action – now more than ever.


How to celebrate Earth Hour digitally

In honor of Earth Hour, we turn off the lights from 8.30 to 9.30 pm local time. An hour spent in darkness is a symbol of the urgent need to face our environmental challenges, the climate crisis and the necessity of taking action together. Here are some ideas of what you can do when the lights are off.

Dine by Solar-light:

Charge your Little Sun lamps during the day and rely on the power of solar rather than your light switch in the evening. Adorn your dining room with Little Suns and candles and cook some delicious vegetarian dinner! The Studio Olafur Eliasson Kitchen shared some amazing recipes for you to cook at home. Have a look!

Share a #SunlightGraffiti:

Using the long exposure setting on your camera or phone, make your mark and put solar light into action! Write us a message, choreograph a dance, encourage your family to get creative! Find instructions for apple devices here and android devices below. Use #SunlightGraffiti and tag @littlesunenergy on Instagram and we will share your creations.

How to draw a picture with the power of the sun:
  1.   Open your camera* and swipe up to reveal manual controls
  2.   Set up your ISO to 100 and shutter speed (S) to 8 seconds
  3.   Take out your light, point it at the camera and start painting!

*only works with Android devices. Find the instructions for Apple devices here.

Learn more about solar:

Little Sun offers open source workshops and projects geared toward children of all ages and their families.  Join our fun, multi-sensory curriculum about energy access, solar technology, climate, and much more.

Find our workshop materials


Drawing ideas for kids:

Download and print a template here, or invent your own, and please share it with us!


Find us on Instagram for more inspiration throughout the day. And don’t forget to join the Earth Hour digital Facebook event!

 Take care of each other and remember – we are all #ConnectedByTheSun


We will continue selling our Little Sun products bringing light to those that live in darkness. Would you like to help us spread solar love and light?


Photo credits:
Stephanie Steinkopf, Franziska Russo, Little Sun.