Say When

by Jessica Segall

Say When is set throughout the United States’ Solar Energy Zones—250,000 acres of public land designated for solar infrastructure that is almost entirely unused. There, Segall walks through the desert landscape holding a mirror to the sky, personifying a heliostat, a centuries old technology that can be used to generate energy from the sun. Say When reminds us of our ability to manifest a world powered by the sun in the Solar Energy Zones and far beyond.

About Jessica Segall

Jessica Segall is a video artist, performer, and sculptor from Brooklyn. Hostile and threatened landscapes are sites for her work, where she plays with both the risk of engaging with the environment and the vulnerability of the environment itself. Segall has received grants from the Pollock Krasner Foundation and New York Foundation for the Arts and attended residencies at MacDowell and Skowhegan.

Portrait of Say When artist Jessica Segall

“Artists have skills in visual storytelling, and in forging unexpected connections. We access the unexpected and illogical, opening up new ways of thinking.”

Jessica Segall

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