by Naod Lemma

Daregot follows a family living in a community without electricity in Awabel, Ethiopia. The family has lived their entire lives without access to electricity, and as a result, without access to the news. After the meal, footage of world leaders discussing climate change and energy poverty is screened for the family for the first time. Lemma records their reactions; the result is an unsettling portrait of the alienation of vulnerable communities from the global rhetoric on climate change, not least the 800 million still without electricity, and the glaring disconnect between decision makers and those most
significantly impacted by their decision-making.

About Naod Lemma 

Naod Lemma is a photographer and filmmaker based in Addis Ababa. His works depict a society undergoing deep transformation by capturing ordinary, almost invisible details of his city and the way people inhabit it. Lemma has several times exhibited at Addis Foto Fest, and his work recently has appeared alongside Aida Muluneh’s photography in the exhibition Homebound at The Africa Institute, UAE.

Portrait of artist Naod Lemma whose film talks about electricity in Ethiopia

“In my short documentary film project, I explored the paradoxical relationship between decision makers and societies in the lowest structure of the economy, specifically in terms of energy access. This film also foreshadows how seemingly unrelated decisions of global leaders force people to migrate and even enter war.”

Naod Lemma

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