Our CEO John Heller introduces Little Sun’s new direction: To our donors, who have generously supported Little Sun over the past decade. To our partners in Africa, who reach remote communities with clean energy. To our global partners, who share our message of hope with the world. To everyone who has bought a Little Sun […]

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Empowering Digital Health Innovators with Solar

BRAC and John Snow R&T Institute Inc. win partnerships with Little Sun for Digital Health projects in Uganda and Ethiopia BRAC Uganda and John Snow R&T Institute Inc. win the request for proposals by Little Sun, and will receive a total of 648 Little Sun Charges, state-of-the-art solar-powered phone chargers, to strengthen health systems in […]

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A letter from John Heller, CEO, Little Sun

Dear Friends, What if this is just the beginning, a prelude for more disruption to come? What if COVID is nature’s way telling us we have been living out of balance, that we have prized convenience over conscience? What if cyclones and hurricanes keep growing in intensity? What if global temperatures and sea levels continue to rise, […]

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What is your #solarlovestory?

Did you fall in love with solar? Remember how it happened? We’d love to hear your story. Share your best memory with solar energy, a moment where solar power really helped you out, or simply why you love solar energy as a clean, renewable energy source. Send us an email Or post your story directly […]

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